5 Signs Space Is A Complete Hoax

There's nothing like a thought provoking conspiracy or subject, and space has always been top of the list for most of us. What if everything you were told and believe about space turned out to be a lie? What if space was a hoax? The space hoax subject has been a popular online debate over the past few years, here's why some believe it to be a bunch of bull ...

Astronauts don’t actually board space rockets

space hoax

On January 28, 1986 the launch of the Space Shuttle orbiter “Challenger” ended in disaster after exploding 73 seconds into its flight over the Atlantic Ocean. All seven crew members were killed instantly in a giant ball of flames, or were they?

Since that disaster, which was witnessed by millions of people around the world, some interesting things have come to light about the seven crew members who were on-board the Challenger. Many people believe that the original seven are in fact still alive and well, some even using their original names. But how can this be? Are they clones? Simple answer is NO, they just never stepped foot inside the rocket, and so we were all deceived.

There are no REAL distant pictures of Earth from space

NASA Fake Earth

That’s right folks, if you care to search online you won’t find any real pictures of Earth sitting in space as a blue and green spinning marble. All official photos from space agencies are in fact bad CGI, and worst still very inconsistent. This is where things start to get a little weird. Some believe the reason for this suggests that we can’t get far enough away from the earth in space to take a REAL picture.

We never went to the moon in 1969

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The NASA moon landings have been called out countless times as being an elaborate hoax. You only have to look back at the footage and see the poor special-fx to realize there may be some truth to this statement. Technology has made giant leaps forward since those days, and now that redundant tech used to film the moon landing is fully exposed. Important to note that there is a hell of a lot more computing power in your iPhone today than there ever was with the on-board computers of Apollo-11. The main issue with a lot of the official photographs released by NASA is the use of multiple light sources casting contrasting shadows (see above photo). This suggests the footage was filmed in film studio conditions and not on the moon. Oddly enough NASA seems to have misplaced a lot of the data from those moon missions ...

The ISS is a zero gravity plane

You believe what you see, and when you see footage of astronauts floating around living on the International Space Station you can be forgiven for believing that it's real. Unfortunately for NASA, it only take a little bit of research and some slip ups from the crew to expose the lie. The most obvious and rather embarrassing attempt to fool you that these people really are orbiting the earth is hairspray .. and lots of it! Yes those unnatural 'troll doll' like hairstyles are supposed to resemble hair waving around in zero gravity, but immediately send alarm bells ringing.

Everyone is familiar with zero-gravity and the effects on the body thanks to zero-g airplanes. Fly a plane at high altitude and then suddenly point the nose at the ground and sure enough you'll have a few minutes of zero-gravity. NASA use this technique to train crew members and it seems that's all these crew members will ever do. There is no other convincing footage or alternative camera angles of crew members inside the ISS that suggest they are orbiting earth.

Space walks are filmed underwater

According to many eagle eyed space watchers, NASA have been faking those famous space walks all from the comfort of a specially designed swimming pool. Videos online taken from the NASA spacewalk live feeds have been analyzed and said to capture tiny air bubbles floating up to the surface. NASA actually train astronauts on Earth using swimming pools as it is, so what are the chances they have a special one for all these live space walks? Interesting ...