These 5 Colorful Chinese Wonders Of Nature Prove We Live In Paradise

There are many beautiful looking natural wonders around the world, from pink sanded beaches to multi-colored rocks, sometimes it's hard not to be in total awe of our wonderful planet. China is one of those countries that has more than its fair share of amazing natural wonders to admire, and if it's not on your bucket list of places to visit yet, it certainly should be ...

Here five of China's most stunningly colorful natural wonders that prove we quite literally live in paradise.

Rainbow Mountains

China Colorful Natural Wonders

It's not hard to see why the Rainbow Mountains get their name. This stunning natural wonder is the result of different colored sandstone and mineral layers being pressed together over 24 million years. The Rainbow Mountains, also known as The Zhangye Danxia, have been admired for centuries for its multi-colored ridges and twisting shapes that stretch to the horizon. Artists call it the natural palette of the Earth and best viewed a sunset where the light brings out the best colors.

Red Beach

China Colorful Natural Wonders

The incredible Red Beach is located in Panjin and is not your typical looking yellow sanded beach. Every autumn this place turns a vibrant red color that attracts thousands of tourist every year. The spectacular red coloring phenomena is caused by sea weed that turns from green in the summer, to red in autumn.

China's Red Beach is situated in the biggest wetland marsh in the world, and home to hundreds of different species of birds and wild animals.

Five Flower Lake

China Colorful Natural Wonders

The crystal blue water of Five-Flower Lake, also known as Wuhua Hai,is the pride of China's Jiuzhaigon National Park. The lake itself is very shallow and as you can see is a vibrant turquoise color that looks like the best waters you've ever seen. Wuhua Hai is just one of 108 multi-colored lakes in the national park and a must for anyone visiting the country.

Yunnan Colored Rice Fields

China Colorful Natural Wonders

Found in Yunnan, China, the stunningly colorful terraced rice fields are truly spectacular. The fields attract thousands of tourists from around the world and look like they've been painted on to the landscape. The colors and terraced layers are natural making the area look like a children's coloring book from a distance.

Red Rice Fields

China Colorful Natural Wonders

The red rice fields of Dongchuan are the most impressive red fields in the world. The terraced fields are a vibrant red and brown due to the rich iron and copper deposits found in the soil. The humid climate oxidizes the iron in the soil and form iron oxide that is naturally red.