The CIA Experimented With Psychic Powers To Build A Superhuman Army, Here’s What They Found

The CIA Experimented With Psychic Powers To Build A Superhuman Army, Here’s What They Found

The Central Intelligence Agency have a bit of a bad reputation for experimenting with all kinds of strange and terrifying things. For years the CIA secretly experimented on their own US citizens with chemical and biological weapons, later leading to the controversial public admission and apology from president Bill Clinton. It seems there's nothing that the CIA will stop at when it comes to exploiting and experimenting with people, and that even includes people with supposed psychic abilities.

In 1978, the CIA began a secret psychic project called Stargate. The aim of the program was to develop a small army of people with superhuman psychic abilities to be used in covert missions. The “psychic warriors” as they were called, would be used to remote view the insides of enemy bases and strongholds, predict future events, and manipulate reality and matter.

The CIA pumped millions of dollars into project Stargate which suggests they found some very worthwhile and interesting things experimenting with psychics. Much of the project is now declassified with reports claiming that Stargate was largely a success. It wasn't long before the CIA put the “psychic warriors” to work on a number of various tasks for the agency.

Remote Viewing

The CIA used an aspect of psychic ability known as “remote viewing”. A remote viewer is someone who has the ability to “view” a target or object in their mind's eye remotely. Subjects would be sat down in an isolated room with just a piece of paper and a pencil. They were then given a target or location to remote view, and then describe what they saw using only their psychic abilities.

Early successful experiments would involve subjects being asked to look inside sealed envelopes and describe the interior of buildings.

The CIA even managed to send a message to one of the psychics located in another building by simply writing it down on a piece of paper. Remote viewers are highly valuable to the CIA due to their ability to theoretically spy on the enemy at will. After the CIA concluded all their tests the report stated: “Remote viewing is a real phenomenon.”

The History Of Mars

In 1984 the CIA decided to do a little experiment which they suspected would expose psychics as frauds. One of the tests involved a psychic being asked to “remote view” a location written on a card which read “The Planet Mars. 1 million years BC.”

The CIA thought that anyone trying to fake their psychic abilities will likely make a fool of himself trying to describe buildings or wildlife, however, they got something completely different instead.

The psychic began to get flustered and describes seeing huge yellowish mountains, a strange looking sun, pyramid structures and obelisks. He was then asked to look even further back in time and described seeing tall thin looking beings wearing funny looking clothes. The beings then went inside a huge metallic looking structure than had curved walls.

“They’re dying, they’re looking for ah . . . a way to survive and they just can’t.” Their environment had started to deteriorate, and they had sent out people to find a new place to live. Oh God, this is difficult, It’s all very cosmic. It’s like space pictures.”

Psychics Were Used To Find Colonel William R. Higgins

By 1983, the CIA had used psychics and their information on at least 500 missions. In 1988, Colonel William R. Higgins was kidnapped and taken hostage in Lebanon while on a Un mission. The CIA brought in the psychics and asked them to discover where he was being held in the town. The psychics used remote viewing to report on his location and movements throughout the day, long before they eventually found where Higgins was being held.

This information wasn’t used to rescue Colonel William R. Higgins, unfortunately, he was executed by his kidnappers. When the body of Colonel William R. Higgins was discovered, the CIA found that the psychics had been accurate in describing his location.


Another aspect of psychic ability the CIA experimented with was Telekinesis. There's still a lot of classified information on these tests so not everything has been disclosed, however, the declassified reports suggest there were some breakthroughs in this field.

Telekinesis is where someone has the power to move objects or affect matter using just their mind. The most famous person to claim they have this ability is magician Uri Geller who made a name for himself bending spoons. The CIA actually conducted several experiments with Uri Geller which were overseen by skeptical scientists who expecting to expose him as a fraud. Their tests concluded that Uri Geller could, in fact, bend a strip of metal using just his mind.

The CIA didn’t stop with Uri Geller, they brought in several psychic subjects including Jean-Pierre Girard who used his telekinesis ability to physically change the thickness of a strip of metal without touching it or bending it.

The Superhuman

A Chinese man named Zhang Baosheng caught the attention of the CIA when he gained popularity claiming to have supernatural powers. Baosheng claimed that he could use his powers to move objects through walls using just his mind. Baosheng was later tested in America on his supernatural abilities while being filmed by scientists.

In one test Baoshen was asked to remove drug tablets placed inside a sealed glass bottle using his superhuman abilities. Baoshen stared at the bottle for a few moments and the bottle began to shake so hard that most of the tablets broke up inside. Suddenly out of nowhere, all the tablets were sitting outside the sealed bottle. The whole experiment was filmed at 400 frames per second so they could hopefully capture the pills moving out of the bottle. After analyzing the video they found one single frame that showed one of the tablets poking halfway out the side of the glass bottle.